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Registered name: Rowani Trading and Projects (Pty) Ltd.
Trading name (as): Rowani Engineering, Trading and Projects (Pty) Ltd.

Rowani Pty Ltd is a 100% Level 1 Black Women-Owned (BWO) and Broad-Based-Black Economic- Empowerment (BBBEE) Company that was founded in 2015 by the sole director.

The woman-led business was initially established as a small, micro-enterprise (SMME) with the aim of supplying a wide-range of indispensable consumables to mining houses and power generating utilities.

Subsequent to the company’s inception, Rowani has diversified its skill set towards the rendering of services apart from engaging in retail trade (supply/delivery of mechanical, electrical and mining supplies).  Rowani Pty Ltd has grown to become a service-oriented company that renders the following:

Workshop refurbishments/repair of mechatronics/electro-mechanical components, e.g., parts, electrical motors, gearboxes, fans, compressors

Steel works (fabrication/welding)


Logistics (coal hauling)/plant hire

Projects (civil, construction/building, fencing)

Prospects (ventures) i.e. mining services, dam cleaning/dredging, conveyor belt cleaning services


Rowani Pty Ltd is a service-oriented company that endorses the values of equity and inclusive opportunities for both the female and male counterparts within the mechatronics business sector.

Endorses values of equity and inclusive opportunities – female and male counterparts

Channel the woman-led establishment towards the “challenging yet stimulating” male dominated space that men are conventionally believed to be partaking and domineering in

Renders intricate processes – multi disciplinary employees with a high aptitude are instrumental

Our people, our strategic assets – technical know-how, core competencies, ample experience



Rowani (Pty) Ltd. company developed and follows a clearly defined yet formalized quality management system (QMS) drawn up in line with the ISO/OHSAS requirements/guidelines to ensure compliance with regulatory/clientele specifications as well as to ensure consistent superior quality workmanship.
Our QMS system content details the standard operating procedures, process route maps/flow with the associated responsibilities.


As a responsible corporate entity, the company is committed to protect the environment in compliance with the environmental legislation and practices within the communities where it operates.
While undertaking our business activities, we endeavour to minimize any adverse impact on the environment. We believe in pollution prevention, energy/water conservation to ensure a healthy, productive, sustainable and safe environment for the community and the workforce.


The company boasts a 0% safety incident record since inception.


The services that we render are quite intricate, and therefore require multi-disciplinary instrumental employees with an aptitude for the various undertakings that the company is actively involved in.

Our employees are our strategic assets with the technical-know-how, ample experience and core competencies that are required to provide for effective, practical and personalized solutions for our clients.

Rowani engineering-welding-workshop services


Our ultimate social accountability goal is that the host communities are empowered as the company is empowered.

We appreciate that we owe our success to our clients, staff and the communities at large and thus we need to be involved in growth enhancement reforms. Rowani has a passion to make a sustainable contribution in the struggle towards curbing high employment rates in and around the job-starved host community (as highlighted by the demographics) within which the company undertakes its business endeavours. Rowani aims to drive this through creating employment opportunities and harnessing skills development for the less-privileged youth individuals, thus providing for financial inclusivity. The company has a vision to employ students for practical skills-transfer training sessions so that they would be employable. Rowani intends to contribute positively toward the society as a whole through various community initiatives.

Employ Locally Qualified, certified, competent, experienced Professionals:

Less privileged youth

Harness skills development

Employment opportunities

Skills transfer training sessions – fulfil employment requirements

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